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Meet Soldi Foster

Growing up in South Africa, I was blessed with an adventurous childhood deeply rooted in nature, wildlife, exploration, and conservation. 

I worked my University summers on a safari game reserve—when I wasn’t palling around with the lodge’s rescued orphan warthog, I was crisscrossing the bush on motorbike. Camping under the endless African stars, listening to sounds of lions roaring, and taking part in a buffalo relocation project are just a few of the incredible experiences that have shaped me. 

The wilds of Africa will always have my heart—but my worldwide explorations have inspired me to find adventure and human connections anywhere.

I’ve lived on four continents and have traveled extensively throughout the world - over the past 20 years with my husband and later on, with three kids in tow!

These are the types of immersive experiences I’d love to design for you. 

My family has dined with a storytelling Rastafarian in his cliff-top Jamaican home, strolled ancient paths to quaint country pubs in rural England, walked among rhinos and buffalo in Africa, spent the holidays in a remote fishing village in Mozambique, and watched my son receive a Buddhist blessing on his 4th birthday in a Thailand monastery.  

No matter where I go, I’m always thinking of how we can turn a “trip” into a memory-making journey. 

Through Journeys by Soldi, I work with curious travelers who believe that adventures big and small lie around every corner.


A true journey is about engaging deeply with your destination. It’s about using your vacation to inspire you to explore your passions, and discover new ones, as you forge human connections and seek out meaningful, compelling experiences. 

It’s about honoring that spirit of exploration inside yourself—and cultivating it in your children and loved ones. 

My promise to you is to use my connections, meticulous and creative research, and personalized planning approach to craft a journey that honors your explorer heart. And we can do that no matter where in the world you yearn to explore or relax next—on pristine beaches or bustling city streets, luxury resorts or secluded safari lodges.


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